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Would it be bad if we wanted to make our own squiddle cosplay? I really love your everything on this blog and if I made one, it'd be months from now, and be a different color and credited to you (I promise). I'm so sorry it's just... Ahhh it's so beautiful and you're so beautiful omg
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I do not mind at all!! In fact, I even drew up a sort-of tutorial a while ago, if you needed help constructing one!

EVERYBODY! be a squiddle. Be beautiful squiddles. 

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hey the link for the 31 day art challenge doesn't work
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Ah dang, thanks for telling me. For some reason both the challenge link and the FAQ link aren’t working anymore, even though the redirect links are still sound…? I’ll just put them here for now:

***31 Day Homestuck Art Challenge***

***31 Day Challenge FAQ Tag***

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I am in love with your art so much that it hurts help
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i love YOU!!!!!

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my friends and I were at a homestuck meetup at a doctor who themed bar

so NATURALLY that led to us doodling pages of AU SASUKE/NARUTO

I contributed 2 this

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upon request: 10 (100% ACCURATE) FACTS ABOUT BONDS


(as directed at people who actually don’t know about sasuke and naruto’s Bonds, for the purposes of education and general bawndz awareness)

1. the story of Naruto is all about the long history of ninja boyfriends betraying one another and their respective bromances breaking up and ruining everything generation after generation, and how nar and sauce are fated to break that cycle. by getting married.

2. the first time they ever appeared together in the manga they actually kissed on the mouth (albiet due to typical zany manga shenanigans)


but still

3. this one time when they were babbies sasuke literally died to save nar and his last thoughts were all about the nar and nar cradled him in his arms in his “last” moments (I might as well just end the list here)

4. Their moms (both dead obviously) were friends so if they had lived, they would have had cute baby barbecues together. I think about this a lot

5. The climactic turning point of nar is when the sauce gets overwhelmed by a bunch of shit and basically betrays his bro (brotrayal) to leave the village and go ROGUE AVENGER. They have the most epic fight ever while nar internally monologues about how all their rivalry was just stubbornness because he didn’t want to admit that he really looked up to the sauce and they’ve been unspoken friends since they were like tiny children. I cry every time I watch it this is not a joke


~ iconic bawndz image ~

6. When they first come face to face again after the big Brotrayal (and a three year timeskip where everyone gets grown up and sexy) sasuke ninja jumps down from a cliff to put his arm around naruto and whisper seductively on his neck about all this BS like how he severed their bawndz and now he’s gonna kill him and blah blah. I ask you. What is the tactical advantage of abandoning the higher ground to go whisper on someone’s neck? Nothing. Unless your strategy is corrupted by bawndz. just sayin

7. Somewhere out there is a magical individual who actually makes their living (I’m assuming?) drawing naruto/sasuke doujinshis. And they have been doing so for YEARS and every one is beautiful and not only overwhelms me with bawndz feelings but has a great story and is a great comic??? LIKE COMIC WISE?11!? so every thanksgiving I give thanks for 10-Rankai because that’s just too good a thing to be real. sob

8. There was a naruto movie called “Bonds” yes that was the entire title

9. I’m not one to make declarations about fictional characters’ sexual orientations, because that is stupid. That being said, sasuke is a huge gay 100% would never kiss a lady, trust me I’m an expert

10. nobody has the authority to dispute any of the above points image

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I drew this in class the other day, i was so bored lol. anyway this took abotu 2 hrs, REBLOG IF YOU LOVE NAK, jerusha is a homewrecker!!!!!!

I’M SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW!!!!!! HANNAH IS TELLING EVERYONE THAT SHE DREW THIS WHEN CLEARLY I DID!!!!!!! this is why you can’t trust anyone when you are tumblr famous, you think that people want to be your FRIEND and bake COOKIES WITH YOU when really they just want to STEAL YOUR ART!!!!!

i’m so mad!!! please evryone go tell this art thief exactly what you think of art thieves!!!!!


Oh my god… I can’t believe the drama that has unfolded between hannah and kecky while I was offline. This kind of betrayal is obviously really hurtful to those involved, but it’s so much more serious than that. On a larger scale it really undermines the sense of community that some of us have worked so hard to cultivate here on the internet. And for someone like me who is friends with both of them, it just… puts me in a really hard position. I feel like I’ve lost faith in tumblr, in the fandom (homestuck fandom AND GHOST ADVENTURES FANDOM) and in humanity itself, I just…

I just don’t know if I can handle this right now


I feel a rap bubbling up through my esophagus.

(for added emphasis, please read the following in eminem’s voice. Thx)

For the love of Zak, why would you attack my heart and make it black
and blue? I get no slack even though I lack 
a pack of followers to defend my back!
This whole situation. It’s just so whack
Emily, stay out of this, girl, hit the road, Jack!
Nevermind I didn’t mean that, sorry, I’m mumbling
You need your best friends to keep you from stumbling
I’m bumbling, jumbling my words all together, bro!
All this attention, these anons dealing heavy blows

But I’m just sayin’,  straight-up not playin’,
That shit looks like it’s been drawn with a crayon (cray-in)
oh but I’m strayin’, dayum, my hair’s greyin’
and all the while our friendship… it’s been frayin’

I took the credit for the picture! I stole it, my goal was
to take the hate for that picture, and put it on my shouldas
I’m sorry you took offence, I’m up here on defence
I’m being open now, my pride’s got no fence
Gimme your two cents, for friendship’s a decadence
I can do not without, in future, past, or present tense.

If Zak were here he might do a séance
to learn the answers, but there’s no chance
he’d let friendship slip by (or ghost romance)
That’s aside the point though, I’m caught in a rap trance
dance dance dance, dance dance day-unce.


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last night here at 4thfloorstuck we all got together to watch Ghost Adventures and so I drew the patron trolls of everyone in the room watching Ghost Adventures of course

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I got 4 yards to be safe, but I think 3 was plenty. And I don’t have the costume with me but LUCKY 4 U ! remember the exact dimensions! The tentacles are all 3 feet long and the head ended up being exactly 27”x27”x27”. HOWEVER. IDK if you should use my dimensions, ‘cause here is what i did and what would probably be best for you too (pics under cut): 

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Anon asked me about how I made my squiddle costume so i just went ahead and made a TUTORIAL. 

I took inspiration from this guy’s technique. Also when makin the costume I played most of it by ear soooo this “tutorial” is only half-helpful. WHOOPS

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an attempt of drawing a (more or less) humanized version of The Felt, because it seemed like a fun exercise